My Spit Tells Me So

Ever hope you’re a walking miracle? Ever want something to happen to you that’s so bizarre that it can only be answered by, “God did this!” 

Last night, I woke up at 2a.m. and I put some sulfur soap on my hands to wash them, after that it hurt to bend my hands still, but I felt better about starting with a good clean base. I applied my calendula salve and some jojoba oil, then snuck back under the covers but kept my hands hanging over the side, so that the sheets wouldn’t get slathered.

I began singing my songs to fall back asleep…I woke up this morning and took a room temp glass of filtered water and spit in it before I drank or ate anything. The weirdest thing happened–my spit didn’t float atop the water, it started moving down and created little tunnels or ‘legs’ and then after fifteen minutes a little cloudy patch settled at the bottom of the glass.
Click HERE to check out this test.

Candida overgrowth is weird…
But I’m convinced that’s what this is.
Click HERE to read about the link between candida and eczema

So for now, I’m layin’ low, chillin’ with Rizo all day since she got her wisdom teeth removed this morning! I’m glad my boss let me use PTO to get the day off..God is good.
I continue on my healing trek, being excited about myself (for the first time in a long while) and the fact that God has given me GREAT resources to help others.

Oh and my skin, it peeled off…the top layer of my skin flaked off in little pieces, which I used a brown sugar and coconut oil scrub to get off safely.
I think my hands are on there way to being vessels of service again…it hurts and itches still, doesn’t look different, but feels like new soft skin is breaking through…
.Hold Fast.


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