Songs of Healing

In recent desperation, I began using Bible verses and songs as my coping mechanism.
My aunt sent me a Thanksgiving card with the challenge to memorize Psalm 100…this was the first Bible verse I used instead of songs…interesting that it still is a Biblical song though…ha.
I encourage you to keep yourself calm by meditating on words and songs throughout your attacks or breakdowns.
We all need healing–so even if you’re not suffering from eczema, I know you’re heavy with something-whether for yourself, a friend, or a family member.
I always have the songs I have sung in church going through my head…some of these might be contrary to what you believe or know–but then, you are reading my blog for some reason…

Natalie Grant: Held
Laura Story: Blessings
Kutless: All Who Are Thirsty
The Old Hymns: It Is Well  & Be Thou My Vision

Day 2 of Bentonite Clay soak and Day 1 of carrot/apple juicing with Go Green for breakfast, raw carrots and yogurt/gogreen/diatomaceous earth for lunch and rice with cooked carrots for dinner. 


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