Eczema is Curable.

I hate when I read stuff or hear doctors tell me “Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis is chronic and you’ll have it the rest of your life”. I believed this at one point…and ya know what?! There is NO hope in that—this leads to depression. You CAN be healed of eczema.

I’ve linked it to a food allergy. Eczema is always an allergy or hypersensitivity to something (whether it be air, contact, or ingesting)
Thanksgiving day I broke out so horribly bad and only got three hours of sleep and still had to go to work that morning… I now know, from that breakout, that it isn’t something I’m touching or inhaling, it is DEFINITELY something I’m eating. Right now, I’m beginning the first of my three days off, and I’m going to keep a CLOSE watch on what I eat. It almost makes me want to not eat anything though… I am coating my hands in my homemade Calendula salve, oils, balms, and trying to breathe in and out and not scratch.

If you have eczema, eliminate foods from your diet. Sometimes, its easier to eat rice and carrots for two weeks and gradually add a food in—but you have to be careful to make sure you’re taking a great multi-vitamin and drinking lots of water.
Today I’m going to eat one thing at a time—an egg. homemade yogurt. an apple. a clementine. a kiwi. etc…

I’ll be spacing them out and eating like this for the next three days.

I got super itchy last night and this morning and I’m linking it with gluten or wheat—so I’m going to stay away from that altogether for the rest of the year and see if that changes things.

For now, its a continuous challenge, but one day—I will have my skin back….
In the words of that guy on “Galaxy Quest”
Never Give up, NEVER surrender!


One thought on “Eczema is Curable.

  1. i totally understand what you go through. i have suffered with eczema my whole life and three years ago up until 3-4 months ago it was so severe i wouldnt leave my house for weeks at a time. i am now in control of my problem and have created a website with all kinds of information on preventing a flare-up and treatments that are good/bad. you may find it useful at we can beat this one day at a time


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