Wounds That Heal?

Its eye-opening to look at old pictures; seeing the changes over the years…
I think I’m gonna be in my twenties forever, its my mindset. Its sorta unbelievable that one day I could be celebrating my sixtieth…or that my parents will be…
I was looking back through pictures of Cameron and I over the years, seeing how much we’ve grown into our shoes and what has gotten better or worse.

My life is sorta all about healing and skin these days…so my first thought was how much that has gotten worse….
but it’s so interesting to think that it never crossed my mind I’d struggle with this so intensely…
But then again–I don’t really know what ailments I’ll be dealing with in ten years…

My research has been exhausting; I hunt and hunt and hunt to find answers to help these wounds that are like foxes for the nest of marriage. Today, I found that homemade yogurt’s active cultures are what you need to help the bacteria in your gut, because apparently that’s linked to the lowered immune system (which 80% of it is in your digestive tract). So, today I made a batch of homemade yogurt-thinking of how much I’m gonna overdose on it. I also got Melrose (a blend oil) and Rose ointment from my YoungLiving account. I’m going to be putting these on my hands twice a day, once before work and once before bed.
I am continuing with my juicing and today I actually only ate almonds (for protein) and juice, tea, and water. I blended fresh apples, carrots and kale together, placed some vitamin d oil in one cup and drank my supplements for the day.
I’m doing everything I can to find a natural cure for my skin, even a reliever of sorts. {I’ve found that peppermint oil helps…inhale it and put it behind your ears…the itching may subside in five minutes or so}

God, enable me the education to help others along the way to their healing as well.


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