Leap Frog Sickness

Saturday, my wonderful husband took family and friends out for a five mile loop, viewing the last weekend of ArtPrize. I, of course had already planned to have a delicious brunch waiting for their arrival in the morning, but throughout Friday night, I was sick…

SO, I stayed in bed to sleep the afternoon away and stay horizontal. Every time I got up, my stomach was just qweezy and I felt nauseous, so it was nice to have the pressure off me as my husband took the reigns on the day.

This is true love when you’re sick:
My husband got up and biked his beautiful self to the store to buy me Vernors…and oh dear heavens how that changed my day. 
That act alone was so meaningful to me. 

That night I was able to hang out and socialize without being a TOTAL drag.

Sunday morning I felt healed except for easing my tummy back into food. 
The entire day was incredible, it was one day that was seriously just Mi Amor and I. 

Anyways, the next day {today} he came home from work early, feeling ill….ohhh dear…

I am sitting here in bed with him, wondering how it is possible for me to love him as much as I should…

Time is really important as his love language, so I think me just being here is a great act of love for him…but I wish there was something I could whip up to make him feel good, or at least lighten him. 

I think that’s a really neat thing about marriage; I am compelled to witness his life and notice his needs. I am compelled to run to him for safety and encouragement. I am challenged daily to choose him and not me. 
A beautiful struggle.


I, Sarah, take you, Cameron, to be my husband, my constant friend, and my love from this day forward.



I promise to walk with you in the good times and the bad, through the sunshine and the storm.



I choose to give of myself despite what I receive in return, to put your needs above my own.




I devote myself to faithfully stand by your side.




I commit to loving you to the end of my days, for as long as I live.



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