Autumn Amigos

I’m currently pondering the events of last year in this autumn time. I am constantly touched by the lives I have met through Rizo, and the times that they have shown me such kindness.

The night before our wedding, they all poured love and kindness on me;
preparing parfaits, dipping strawberries in chocolate, buying wax for a hand moisturizer {which was HUGE for me, because I was hurt so emotionally from my atopic dermatitis} giving foot rubs and back massages and painting my toes and the list goes on and on.
Seriously, I’m just blown away by them.

Rizo is so incredible, she came to our aid in our time of need and is lending us her bike. Monday, I ran over to Poppins so I could bike back and two of the pretty ladies saw me outside and greeted me! Offering me water and just chatting it up I saw one by one come home and it was filling me up inside.
I love them to pieces and I miss them terribly.

God is so good to us, giving us amazing friends and people who care and are there for us.

We pray every day that God blesses those who have blessed us. What a great God we serve.


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