An Art of Virtue


This word is so powerful to me; it is reminiscent of trials and joy.

Patience is something that is cultivated, worked for, sought after–a capacity, ability, art, and choice.

Patience for healing, patience for marriage, patience for a job, enrollment in classes, bread rising, a painting to dry… So many things require us to choose:
Patience or Frustration

 A representation of how I view patience is a scene of peaceful streams, sunlight, gentle wavered flowers, and the smell of lilacs in the air. Patience is to calm yourself in a storm. Patience is to inhale….and exhale……

This is why it is an art.
To be a thinker of the situation rather than a doer at first. To react in your mind, in a sense of calm, to the frustrations of the life instead of participating in the mindless cries of a victim.

For the last four years I have sought after patience, asked God for it, and had it tattooed on myself. My life has changed by that ‘pause’ that I take {not all the time of course, because I do have times where I flip out}, it has transformed me based on the thought process: “I can’t change the circumstances, so what do I do to use this time wisely?”

Its as if I’m a hiker, who makes it to the top, huffing and puffing, but then lifts up my face to see the magnificent view. After enjoying for a bit, I take a slight glance to my left and see another steep cliff. *Deep Inhale* “Alright, let’s do this.”
It’s the continuous movement of strength. Without the training from the smaller hill, I wouldn’t have the lessons learned and abilities to climb those bigger ones.

One rain drop raises the sea.


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