Autumn Breath

This cool-aired, sun-filled season has arrived.
Today is my day off and woah have I gotten stuff done!
The day began with rosemary bread topped with Caribbean seasoned egg with black bean and watercress leaves.
Mi Amor biked me to work on his way to school.
Yes, I did have to go into work on my day off at 7 a.m. for a mandatory process excellence meeting that lasted an hour. Surprisingly enough, it was a fast hour that found me excited about the potential changes in the next few months.

And so, with my morning beginning that way, I fled the scene to the farmers market, where I always feel at home and like to begin my day.
With much success I biked home to wash them up and re-make the yogurt that sadly failed last night while I was away at work…
After an hour of being home I was off to do some of which was to visit Jared’s Jewelers where I have two lovely friends, who became  such because of Mi Amor buying my engagement ring from there. Just wonderful ladies who’ve made every visit marvelous.
They were indeed SUPER excited to see me and I told them that I was in to get my engagement and wedding band soldered together. Well, in the beginning examination process (which luckily I was still in the store chatting and enjoying trying on rings worth more than my life insurance policy) they found that the diamond was a bit tilted and that they would have to get a new head to hold it in. They assured me it happens at least once to every woman and that I should hopefully have it back by Saturday…with sadness and yet grateful that I didn’t lose my diamond, I left my ring with them…
Feeling naked without my proud sign of marriage, I continued my errands. Finally, back at the house I am attempting for the FIRST TIME EVER to make cheese….dun dun dun!!!

Autumn is such an accomplishing season, I feel. Its like the weather that gets your brain going.
Or for me, it gets my oven going!
Yesterday I made potato chowder, rosemary bread, granola bar muffins, attempted my yogurt, and jalapeno poppers!
Today, along with some good snackin’ I’m holding myself back from staying in the kitchen all day {like I would prefer} and be more productive with things that need to get done…
like blogging…
six more hours until he arrives home…looks like I’ll be keeping busy to keep my eyes off the clock!


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