Improving For Life

The challenge of men and women is that they are so crazy different. The beauty of this is that life doesn’t have to be boring with a mystery to always figure out. An investigation begins after figuring out the love language of your spouse-how they receive love the best and through what means. Mi Amor is acts of service and time. Since these are important to me, although not my primaries, I feel like it could be easier for me than for you and your spouse.
God has blessed me with an extremely understanding husband who is open to reading books and hearing my opinion…however crazy they may be.
What if I was him:

In what way do I feel most loved by her? Do you think she loves me? Am I fulfilled by having her as my wife? Does coming home feel like an oasis?

These are all questions that I ponder in my mind to see if my actions are properly executed as a wife. If he is able to say, “No, I hate coming home, I know its gonna be a drag” then I’m doing something wrong. Thank God that my marriage has been incredible, because I haven’t had to deal with a lot of things that I’ve been told usually happen in the beginning of marriage. Frankly, my husband has changed my life.

Since getting married, I feel like I have improved as a person; I am much better with Mi Amor than I am without him.

{I actually floss my teeth}{My cooking skills have improved as I choose to make a dish every day, because I have another mouth to feed}{My skin doesn’t bother me as much, but Mi Amor has helped push me to fight, using herbs. So, my homeopathic ways are upping their game}{My selfishness has begun to diminish, I will always have spurts, but its not prominent}{My prayer life has GREATLY improved}{God is just so close, and so visible to me> Marriage has made me free with Him. I can focus on Him with the help of Mi Amor; my best friend. Nothing is even comparable to the feeling of knowing that he will encourage me and push me to draw closer to God. I feel freer than ever before in my life. I am free to be myself and to pursue without limitations.}

Mi Amor has been the biggest blessing in my life; the best friend; the chess rival; the artsy encourager; the tattoo buddy; the believer in me; my prayer warrior; my adventure forever.


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