I took a bike ride down to the lake after work today…my co worker told me, “use some time on yourself, Sarah.” So, I took her advice to heart as I packed up my book, some fruit, water, and my laptop, slapped my straw hat on and off I peddled. Exploring a few more areas of our Grand city, I made it into the quaint and adorable east side of town. Sail boats and wind became my companions with sunshine soaking my skin. I began reading a book my parents gave us called, “Men and Women: Enjoying the Differences”. I’ve gladly been made aware that I’m doing a pretty good job as a wife. I want to make sure that I continue in my duties and continue loving my days, so I made some obligation lists…First of all, packing Mi Amor’s food before my own. If I always take care of that, I will go to work KNOWING that I at least have done one good thing to show him I love him. Having good food that is good for our bodies is very important to me. I want to fuel his day, but healthfully.
You know, God always provides our needs…He promises that. Sometimes, I think that we don’t really realize the fullness of His provision though, like utilizing the very things that are in the trees and ground around us. What about the grape-vine–use the leaves! What about that tree–save the pears! How about those seeds–plant them! Seriously, we overlook so much.
God’s provided through my co-workers, lately; I’ve made salsa from Mindy’s tomatoes, plan on making jelly from Terry’s apples, and have done zucchini chips thanks to the Phillips.
Grandma and Grandpa shared their pears from the trees in the backyard. Mom sent us home with peaches and potatoes, and of course more–{parents are the BEST}

God has seriously just been giving us more than we can eat right now! I love it! He is the God of famine and feast–so I’m taking that into consideration and freezing stuff. I listened to a message last Sunday online that was about Joseph and Egypt and how he played a key role in helping God’s chosen people {Israel} survive for the seven-year famine…okay, can you pause with me for a second and just pontificate upon that!?

Can you imagine storing up for that ahead of time? It would be a lot of dried, leathery, food. No juicy raspberries or fresh carrots.
I would die if I had to pack Mi Amor’s lunches seven years in advance for the next seven years…

After all of my thinking at the lake, I called my daddy and talked for about a half hour or so about life and its ups and downs, he is so wise. I love and respect my parents beyond words.

I left the sunshine and biked to the Brewery where Rizo works and chatted for over an hour! Her boss was TOTALLY cool and didn’t care that I was there, knowing that she was a great worker and would prioritize her job. It was MARVELOUS, as per usual to see her again. Yesterday, Mi Amor and I biked down to a pizza parlor that has Monday deals and a BUNCH of AWESOME friends met us there–we had a blast, but I wasn’t able to really chat with Rizo much at all, so this visit was definitely good for us. I plan to just pop in tomorrow after work, before Mi Amor and I head out to a sneak peak of ARTPRIZE at the local art museum.

I got home after eight o’clock and sat down to sketch out an eye, because Mi Amor challenged me to do some art with just pencil–no color.
Now here I sit, waiting for him to come home from school.

{I might fall asleep counting my blessings}


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