The New Norm

Now that Mi Amor is starting school up again, he’s gone from 7a.m. to 10p.m….what does this mean? Besides pouting that my best friend in the whole world won’t be home, I’ve decided to turn it into the day where the most preparation commences. Whether its homemade waffles to freeze and pop into the toaster on fast mornings, or some spiced zucchini bread for a treat, or prepping meals for the next few days…its my official “I will always make something” day.

Right now, I’m consuming the imperfect scraps of waffle that stuck to the pan…topped with strawberry jam, it pairs up for a good second dinner..the first was the greek food I made yesterday; grape leaves stuffed with lemon rice and seasoned generously with fennel, basil, spinach, zucchini, and some garlic salt. mmm!

Zucchini chips are being made in my dehydrator, and the fan is blowing to cool me off as I heat up our home even more with the oven and waffle iron, because apparently the intense humidity and eighty degree weather doesn’t do enough…

Mi Amor surprised me with a book yesterday–he truly loves me. Its called “Holistic Herbal”. It is complete with pictures and the means to make infusions, decoctions, balms, salves, ointments..etc…
I’m excited to make a second salve outta my calendula that I picked from the little trip to my co-worker’s back yard.

I biked to the store after work today and decided to stop at a little herbal shoppe called “Elder & Sage” which I official am going to stop at regularly. They have great spices and I love the owners. I am convinced that I will somehow end up with an herbal education in my lifetime. I like my self teaching for now, tis quite enjoyable.

I think one of the next things I will seek out is how to make my own cheese…since I meant to do that earlier this year and couldn’t find rennet tablets..I shall try again!

I’m making a mess currently, so I’m going to finish up these waffles while jammin’ to my music and then vacuum so that there is no evidence that I was a messy kitchen wife tonight.

{p.s. don’t leave a pile of waffles and jam sitting next to you if you’re having a munchie day…its just a combination for a sore tummy…}



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