A Trek Through Nature

While my skin has been my extreme motivation for going healthy in a lot of aspects in my life, I still truly enjoy nature. Today, I had the fantastic opportunity to use the car while Mi Amor was at work. I have a three day weekend, you see…and I was invited to go to a co-worker’s house (they are married pharmacists) and go pick an abundance of lavender that he didn’t want to go to waste. I COMPLETELY exploded inside when he approached me with his invitation and I of course remained calm externally and obliged happily. Then, after he left the room I clicked my heels in excitement.

Driving was weird-for starters. Biking to work has me feeling all “GO GREEN”…well, after my drive I’m feeling “GO GOD” because we are so blessed with our car that enables us to get to places.

My adventure began with a tour of the yard, which was incredible to actually see what they talked about work! I started my escapade with two baskets and a knife, what I ended up with, two hours later, was this:
Lavender on stems, lavender flowers, lavender leaves, oregano, thyme, mint, rosemary, lemon balm, basil, marigolds, grape leaves, potatoes, and a dozen free-range eggs.
Wowzah, I have awesome co-workers.

I sang and prayed and thought all the while.
I sang some worship songs while just asking God to heal my skin through the lavender oils rubbing off on me. I thought about how uncle Mike said, “…plants are to be shared, they are not ours to begin with”, which left me inspired.
I had brought a little basket of goodies for my hosts, which included a bag of my chocolate mint, a jar of my homemade Calendula salve with lavender oil, and a cute package of organic carob no-bakes, which I made yesterday after work.
SO, I was thankful that I brought a goodie basket for them after all they allowed me to pick.

Nature is incredible, I could’ve sat there and gardened all day…I felt like my mama, wanting to just be outside until the sun went down.

Here’s some snapshots of my little field trip.
Oh and guess what? Mi Amor and I are headed home to visit with his family this weekend (while my parents are in Panama) and tonight..ohhhh tonight…we’re getting our wedding tattoos! WOOHOO!!!

DSCN7364 DSCN7366 DSCN7367 DSCN7368 DSCN7369 DSCN7370 DSCN7371 DSCN7372 DSCN7374 DSCN7375 DSCN7376 DSCN7377 DSCN7378


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