We get to be “The Married Friends” now.

DSCN7355 DSCN7356 DSCN7357 DSCN7358Now life is more awesome than ever.

When I get our wedding pictures, I’ll write a post about that most spectacular day, but for now, I’ll just be posting through life’s marvelosities.

After much bike riding and adventuring we’ve got back into the hang-out mode with friends. We love our friends. How wonderful it is to be “the married friends”. Mi Amor set up this get together with my girls from Poppins and one of his childhood buddies. It was a great pizza night and like most everything he does, it makes me love life more.

Can I just say that we have FANTASTIC friends? Seriously. I sit here listening to music and watching my husband (HEEHEE, I love being able to refer to him like that) create art in the living room. (which by the way, I’ll post pictures of our new home..which needs a name…eventually.)

It refreshes me to be blogging right now. I miss it.

God has been so good to me, I praise Him every day for His goodness. Mi Amor has inspired me to do so, just because he is who he is and I love worshipping God with him. Like my blog says on the right side of the page, my purpose is to worship my Creator, despite the hardships that invade. It still is my purpose, even as a married woman…even MORE so as a married woman. I feel like as a child, you have that imagination and inhibited soul that allows you to see God so perfectly, even if you don’t know it. Then you get a little older, and your parents help you understand the respectful position that God has over us and the way that He disciplines and cares for us. You get older and the deep friendships that you create help you appreciate God’s blessings; as they are one of them. The friendships become so entwined that nothing can separate your hearts, and in those growing years, you begin to press on and discover more about your Creator with this person, seeing the world through another’s eyes. Sometimes, this person may be a friend forever, like Rizo is to me or maybe this being is your future husband, like Mi Amor. Either way, I’ve experienced God in ‘baby steps’ over the course of my life…and now I’m married and it blows my mind how much I am loved…and then I’m hit with that crazy moment where I realize, “If Mi Amor loves me this much, how much MORE must my Creator love me…wow, that’s insane”. Yes, yes it is. Marriage has hit me like every other stage in my life {except way more intensely jubilant} where I learn more about God through the experience..

Yeah, I knew that marrying Mi Amor was gonna be awesome, but I didn’t expect it to be THIS awesome!!!

Continually praying for His guidance and peace.


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