Are You Getting Better at Being You?

A little pencil marked the current you.
A crayon marked your past.
You were not measured according to your siblings, nor the kids down the street.

When you grew that year, it was compared to yourself.

If you compare your relationships, successes, education, beauty, athletics, or any other accomplishments, against anyone else, you are jipping yourself. Everyone has a different path and a different pace.

Do you feel discontent, ancy, or unsettled with where you’re at in life? Don’t you see how far you’ve come?

Look at where you have
who you have
what you have
when you have
why you have
pushed yourself

Don’t set a bar so high you can’t reach it. Look at the inch that you grew all those years ago, you were once so proud…now “its not enough”…stop focusing on the 1% and look at the 99%.

I tend to be so much more nit-picky about myself lately,
but recently I’ve been encouraged so much that I have begun using this thought process of what has happened in my past and my ‘yearly’ growth…
You’re becoming the future you.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”


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