Coffee Shoppe Pondering

Can i just say that if I didn’t have time to pick flowers, cook, and sit in a coffee shop, I might go mad?

I love being busy, but I need this moment of calm. Yesterday I picked five bouquets of peonies, made stuffed peppers, and today I’m meeting up with a friend for coffee.

My body needs this. Coffee shoppes are enchanting and just make you want to stop and ponder life.

The photo session with our wedding photographer went amazing. I loved being able to pause and love Cameron while Ashley captured the moments and we got to catch up.

We were overwhelmed by gifts at our first shower. I mean, OVERWHELMED. You know how if you put a dollar in a jar a day, you’ll end up with $365 in one year, but yet, at the time of your placing the bill in the jar, it doesn’t seem like a big deal? It was like that. Even though times are tough, people just gave and gave, and in the end, all those people pooled together the biggest mound of gifts I’ve ever seen.

God is so good to Mi Amor & I.

His blessings are new every morning and He has placed beautiful people in our lives.

I can’t believe how overwhelmed I am. I cried driving back from home on Sunday after our photo shoot. It was probably also probed by the fact that I was tired and worn, emotionally drained, and stressed. But, I cried in awe of the blessings that together, Mi Amor and I have.

We’re house hunting still.

I’ve checked out many places and met many wonderful people, but none that are “the one”. I’ve been tugged into thinking I should make a rash decision, trapped myself into thinking we solidly had a house, and drained myself of the craigslist page.

Thank God for flowers, my fiance, family, and friends who help me get through every day.


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