It Was Always Said She’d Be There

For as long as I can remember, she and I have known each other.
From using stick on earrings, clip-ons, then up to her piercing her own ears; we always went through transitions with each other. 

I learned her habits, her laugh, her workmanship with food, and many other traits. We taught each other as we grew up. She and I have always had a bond of some sort, a piece of life that glued us together as sisters. 

We’ve had our share of distances and have realized our differences.
She is meat and potatoes, I am fruit and veggies
We both love cheese
She is swedish fish and kool-aid, I am chocolate pretzels and orange juice
We both love salt&vinegar chips
She is heels and hoops, I am barefeet and scarves
We both love tennis shoes
She is hair and nails, I am herbs and medicines

I could go on and on about how opposite we are. There are things that we’ve complimented each other with and things that we share in. We both love being outside in the sun, especially at the beach. I have so many memories laughing and being CRAZY with the camera. We love going on walks and biking. She is always up for a getaway and a little adventure down the road. We love late-night drives with the windows down and having picnics under the stars.

I have loved her like my own sister for as long as I remember. Our downfalls have been rough and hard, but our past sisterhood has helped our future friendship.

These are just some of the stories I have in our novel of friendship; only some of the reasons I chose her as my bridesmaid.


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