Who Knew She’d be my Bridesmaid?

My next bridesmaid is one of my frousins! 

She is a marvelous young woman who loves her friends and stays true to them. She is a quirky and funny young woman, who always makes me laugh when I’m with her. I’ve been blessed to have her in my life. 

She shares in the love of deep thinking. She has honored me by asking my thoughts in various texting conversations and messages over facebook. 

I have loved going on trips with her to Mackinaw Island, Traverse City, and even just drives to each other’s houses.

We have shared sweat and laughter every family reunion over the hot summers. I smile when I think of us jammin’ out on guitar hero, jumping on the air mattresses late at night in the tent, running up the big hill on Columbiaville in the heat of the day, and going on a bear hunt with our cousins and uncle. 

We have memories of taking turns beating levels on super mario bros. while yelling in defeat when we can’t pass the lava and fire to  save the princess.

These are just some of the stories I have in our novel of friendship; only some of the reasons I chose her as my bridesmaid.


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