My Matron of Honor

Part II of my series. 
I’m proud to introduce my sister-in-law.

She has been my close friend since I was 12, we became best friends as time permitted and our one hour commute hindered us not.

Life changed dramatically for me as I entered this friendship. I got more girly, learned more about writing and drawing and biblical femininity. 

We were a very opposite pair, her loving the glitz and glam while I was the earthy mud-seeker. We balanced each other pretty well and I cannot express how very thankful I am for her. 

My adventurous soul was fed; 
We went on so many trips together. 
Her dad loves to get away when he has time off so he’s fueled a lot of our getaways. 

From Niagara to Tennessee, from D.C. to the Kalahari. 
We’ve experienced walking around the Boston Harbor while eating clam chowder in bread bowls, standing under The Bean, going to the top of the needle in Canada, getting Starbucks in Times Square, getting roses tossed at us from windows. 
We’ve gone to concerts and dressed up just to make popcorn.
She’s hopped along for road trips to Minnesota and has gone a couple thousand miles from Michigan to Colorado up to North Dakota, pit stops in Minneapolis and back home.
We’ve eaten reindeer dogs and helped with sled dog races. 
We have toured mansions and viewed the sights of the Smokies. 
We have reenacted the “Somewhere In Time” beach scene at Mackinac Island and quoted movies in every sentence.
We have spent weeks at camp together and grown in the Lord together. 
Baked in the hot tub while chewing on icicles and dressed up like pirates for midnight movies. 

I could reminisce forever…

My, oh my, how much I’ve been blessed by this beautiful woman. 

She’s been an inspiration and an encouragement. We share so much that our hearts are tied together forever. We don’t see each other even HALF as much as we used to, because she has moved to North Dakota, but now she’s my SISTER! 

These are just some of the stories I have in our novel of friendship; only some of the reasons I chose her as my matron of honor. 


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