My Maid Of Honor

I, in the midst of gardening with Mi Amor, realized what a great little blog series it would be to talk about my bridesmaids one-by-one.

My maid of honor is my childhood best friend. We have known each other since soccer at age five. Upon participating in a music class, unbeknown to each other, we spotted one another and it bonded us even more…especially once we found we had the same name.

Seasons of soccer passed, years of music classes, creating adventures with our Russ animals, utilizing our imaginations as if we could create a career out of it. We lived a half-mile from each other so we hung out day after day. As high school hit, we somehow detached from each other’s lives-a tragedy indeed.

After we entered college-age years we reconnected as if nothing had hindered us, like perennial flowers expected to come up after a frozen winter. 

In January of 2012 we were skyping and she asked me to move out and get a house with her…this question forever changed my life.
We began dreaming and imagining the beauty our lives could hold. Sure enough, because of her, I chose to quit my job and move out in August of 2012. God took care of me and blessed me with a fabulous job in a hospital pharmacy, but more importantly, He kept us together. 

By the end of August, we were both employed and she was headed back to school. Our adventurous first month of freedom was incredible, I learned about the “older her”. I had known her so deeply as a child, that with all the changes high school brings, we were affected and maturing and different now. 

It has now been nine months that I have lived with my dearest childhood bestie. I can’t even imagine my life without her now…she has effected me in ways that have altered my path. 

I have gotten to know a most incredible woman. I love asking her to enlighten me with her thoughts…she has such a great mind. The ponderings of her heart are the most beautiful representations of how God influences us. I treasure my moments with her on walks and waking up in the morning chit-chatting over breakfast. I smile at the thought of our two-mile drives, which turned out to be the most memorable…we always make up our own songs and speak in funny accents.
We share the love of travel and excitement. We are suckers for frozen yogurt, spontaneous events, and movies. Our love for antique and vintage knickknacks is apparent in her earrings and my clothes. Our love for the world has brought us to speaking other languages just for fun.     

She is more than her thoughts and passions though. I remember stalking her pictures back in high school being envious of her natural beauty. Her hair holds glorious curls and her eyes as adventurous and full of life, just like a child. She doesn’t need makeup–and I’m glad she doesn’t wear it much. The beauty that God etched into her heart shines so incredibly on her face. Her smile makes me do the same, and she has cute dimples! 

These are just some of the stories I have in our novel of friendship; only some of the reasons I chose her as my maid of honor. 


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