Dunes Dunes Dunes Dunes DUNES!

DSCN6959DSCN6962 DSCN6960 DSCN6961



After working a double back on Friday night/Saturday morning, Mi Amor & I had some quality time together. We began by walking to the Art Museum, eating at HopCat, walking down by the VERY full river, sitting in the sun and talking. I won a bet so he bought dessert at SweetYos, where we topped our bowls full with delicious frozen yogurt and toppings. Continuing on to the main event, Cameron invited me to join him in his box seat to watch the “Cirque Mechanics” at Devos.

I made it home to sleep a few hours before being to work at 6:30.

Our adventures continued on after I got out at 3. I thought we were going to Grand Haven Beach, but in reality he surprised me by taking us to the dunes!

We basked in the sun and began writing our vows.

What a perfect scene and a glorious day.

Our silliness continued as we took a blind walk through the woods, trying to get back to our car.

We made dinner for our friends who came over for a double date and some catch up time. They were the first to receive our wedding invitation! {yay for hand delivered mail}

I’m basking in the heat of the sun now, before I go off to work second shift. This week shall be a good one, with finally having a weekend off…garage sales here I come!


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