Soakin’ up the Love

So, just FYI for all you ‘engagement followers’, you may think ‘wow, the only way she can make this happen so fast is because she has no life.’

On the contrary-I have worked one double-back every week along with the crazy schedule of six days on, one day off, eight days on, one day off, five days on.

It is possible to keep your cool while working eight hours of overtime, having five hours of sleep (or less) multiple days a week, and cramming in wedding planning.

Mi Amor texted me Monday and said, “Tomorrow, wear something nice” and wouldn’t tell me where we were going.
It ended up his grandparents surprised us with an ‘engagement celebratory dinner’ at Mangiamo’s, a restaurant in a mansion. I’m glad I wore my little black dress!

I’ve only had a little bit of a ‘freak out’ moment when I was just over it; I didn’t want to do anything but yet had TONS to accomplish and check off before I worked a double-back…my mind was working in overdrive and that was the reason I got a bit stressed.
Mi Amor is so helpful in being my oasis and refreshing my spirits. Honestly, when I saw him yesterday for the first time in a couple o’days, it was just the sight of him that set my heart at ease.
Everything was gonna be okay at the end of the day and all-in-all I’m gonna marry that man.

I’ve still had so much fun planning our wedding.

We’ve started our marriage counseling, beginning with the love language test.
We’ve both been very familiar with the book and its contents; honestly, read this book even if you’re not engaged! Gary Chapman, the author, has some great insight into the personalities of people and how we interact with each other. The psychology behind our love is quite fascinating!

Mi Amor is Physical Touch and Quality Time while I am Physical Touch and Words of Affirmation.
We mesh really well.
I’m excited for the next 115 days!
This marriage counseling will be fabulous and help us have a better foundation for our marriage.

I still feel all crazy being his fiance
I’ve been introduced as such
referred to as so
and referenced myself in this way.

Only 115 days of this–I’m taking advantage and soaking it up!!!


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