Personalized Reception

How do four-hundred people get invited to celebrate the union of two lives and still keep it cheap?

We are planning on baking loaves of french bread and freezing them. They will be sliced to size and served on a vintage platter with various cheeses and fruit. {I am going to try to make my own cheese this summer…so it’d be sweet if that could be homemade too!}

Fruit will be abundant!
We will have snack platters with homemade hummus served with various veggies and pita.

A cake, homemade of course…
dessert bar, bake-a-thon with the besties…
limeade, lemonade, iced tea-all in clear spigot containers.

We have a huge metal tub that we can put ice in and some other things that need to stay cold.

Frames with chalkboard paint across the glass will have directional writing as to where things are.

We will have two bands that will be outside under tents, while the air conditioning inside the log church will hold all the people playing games and eating.
Croquet, bad mitten, frisbee, rain on the roof, etc…

I know that dancing is traditional, but like, how much more engaging is it to create memories with people playing games? Laughter & Love will abound, I can feel it!!!

The big key is to do a lot of stuff yourself. And how much fun will it be to make tons of cookie dough, roll into logs, freeze for ready slicing!?

Honestly, its gonna be totally worth it to invite all of our lovely friends and not exclude anybody.


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