How 130 Days Will Be Enough

So Mi Amor and I got engaged on March 26th and are getting married August 3rd.
.130 days of being his fiancé.

A lot of couples have engagements lasting one year or longer, and even though I see myself as an open-minded person, I have no idea why it needs to take that long.

If you have kids or are finishing school, I suppose I can understand that…

So how do we plan a wedding in 130 days?
Well, on the engagement day we took my ring back to Jared’s to get it re-sized. {he was only half a size off!}
We then went to dinner before picking it up {I only had to go about 2 hours without it on my hand}

While at dinner, {Little Bankok-great thai restaurant!}
I asked Mi Amor what he had already been thinking {and of course, because I’m the girl, this stuff has been on my mind a while}
He instantly said, “August 3rd, I’ve got our honeymoon set up already”
I smiled and said, “Alrighty then, easiest decision we’ve ever made.”

We wrote down on a piece of paper our priorities:

  • People-invite anybody who has ever played a part in our lives. No people will be cut because ‘we can’t afford them’
  • Fun-don’t be traditional or think ‘we have to do it this way because that’s what people do’ {be unique and personalize our wedding}
  • D.I.Y.-we will make as much stuff as we can by utilizing our creative resources–keep the budget low

So with those priorities, we began the outline.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
Flower girl and Lady of the rings
Master and Matron of ceremonies
Music {ceremony & reception}

Now, ending on that last one and pairing it up with our first priority…
I want our wedding to be budget friendly too.
How do these two work together? Afternoon wedding!!!
Snack reception

BAM–one hour and we had so much figured out.

It really helped that we were on the same page with a lot of stuff.

Tuesday we were engaged, Saturday we went home for a visit to my parents for my mom’s birthday and Resurrection weekend. It was in this time that we had engagement pictures taken by a good friend.

We had so much fun and I adore our friend so neither of us were uncomfortable. It was so amazing-I didn’t want the pictures to end, but sunset happened and light disappeared.

We checked out a venue on saturday afternoon as well. We chose our reception place and kept the ceremony spot in mind.
On Monday, we  decided to go with that setting because our other choice would be more expensive and not as accommodating.
As well, on Monday  we were surprised by our photographer who said he got the pictures edited!
{He’s the BEST!}

We utilized some shutterfly points to make our invites and keep with the casual summery feel.

Now, we’re just waiting on addresses and guests to be able to send them out.
Has it really only been nine days????


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