Pre-Cleaning for Spring Cleaning?! What?

I haven’t done anything lately

That’s definitely scratched to bits!! Yesterday I woke up and hung out with my girls all morning, had Jimmy John’s for lunch {{thanks to Cornerstone for the commuter accommodations}} after worshipping in college-led chapel. Rizo & I mused about some Ireland & Scotland helpx hosts after arriving back to Poppins before I was called in early. 

Worked till 11p.m. was asleep by midnight, woke up by 6a.m. and was off to work, getting out at 3:30 to walk to the store to get some gloves {to protect my hands when washing dishes}} and scrubbies. {{DollarTree you’re a blessing}} I cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, and living room and got a headache because

  • A. I haven’t had a ton of a sugar in a long time, but this morning at work was given a donut and coffee
  • B. Didn’t sleep enough
  • C. Forgot to eat dinner because I was cleaning as if I was getting paid

Cleaning for hours on end all the while, jamming out to folk music and diffusing one of my YoungLiving oils.

All-in-all, it’s not sunny or warm outside, so it can’t be considered ‘Spring cleaning’ can it?

It’s a new season officially anyway-so I’m due for a quarterly cleaning-bug.

My head is obviously not on right because I feel like this is a poorly written post…of course, most of the time it is because I’m just ranting and not trying to make my posts ‘grade-able’. {{it’s a good thing too, I feel like they might be more relatable}}

…now what quote should I write on our golden-framed chalkboard before I fall asleep to wake up for another early morn o’ work…


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