Flowers Fix Everything

It’s another day to yet again, be a bum. Winter–you pain me. 

What a difference it makes when there’s not people around. Growing up, my parents or brother were always around. It makes me depressed to be alone. I’m energized by people and to have my mornings to myself to just goof off can be nice, but after a while, it gets lonely.
Summer will fix that.
My hands have  seen improvement since I’ve been able to put my oil and beeswax cream on at night, then put socks over my hands to keep the moisture in. I know that its definitely dry-induced because of dry Poppins, dry pharmacy, and Mi Amor’s house is heated by a wood fireplace {dry}.
Summer will fix that.
Annoyance: getting up EARLIER than 6a.m. to scrape off my car and get to my newly assigned parking spot that’s even FARTHER down the block from the pharmacy. 
Summer will fix the time consumption of that.
I’m getting bored of workout videos
Summer will fix that–running here I come!
I miss painting outside in the sunshine
Summer will fix that.
I’ve planned a garden at Mi Amor’s with a ‘buddy-system’ planting, so that it flourishes and the veggies help each other keep away pests. We’ll be planting cucumber, zucchini, tomato, various peppers, broccoli, garlic, lettuce, carrots, and more!
In Summer I’ll be eating that.

As soon as the flowers come, I know it’ll be okay and I’ll get outta this depression slump. For now, blogging & crafting will have to suffice.

Come fast my little flowers, I’m waiting on you.

I think that nature has always helped heal my soul. I see God so much clearer in summer. He speaks clearer, or my ears are more open when I’m on walks, laying on the beach, running, biking, gardening, painting on my porch, or working on projects in the heat of the day.

Cooking {as you know} is one of my favorite ways to ‘get away’. I love to be in the kitchen. Its gonna be so great to have all those fresh veggies from the garden to shape my recipes.

Yup–spring can be here soon!!!



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