Shake it Up!

shakin it up

shakin it up

beginning the evening

watercolor and Mi Amor’s homemade canvas


What a wonderful St. Patty’s day yesterday! It was encompassed with sunshine, Mi Amor, and visiting.

We made breakfast together, then headed out to church, talked with some friends and then off to his grandparents we went. Lunch was delicious and we chatted, catching up with each other. Mi Amor’s cousin came over, I bought some chocolate from her, to help get her to Alaska, then all five of us played “Extreme Uno”. In my opinion, it was an awesome game, one in which we played so many rounds and it was already 4 o’clock! After cherry cheesecake we lost our chocolate seller to her youth group. The two of us stayed to look at a few scrapbook calendar years, which I fully enjoyed.
Off into the sunshine we drove, coming back to an evening of art and irish music!

When Rizo came back from work, I had just won our game of Egyptian Ratscrew. [whoop whoop!]
As planned, homemade shakes and Lord of The Rings topped off the night.

Yeah, its always a good day to be alive.















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