You Are Useful

Some of my favorite days to blog are when its snowing heavily outside.
I’m reading this book that Rizo is lending me. Its called “Inked”. 
Well, here are some thoughts for you–whether you actually do it or not, read and ponder the reflections.

  • Abilities; Try not to filter or judge yourself, but simply list your abilities–academic, artistic, athletic, social, etc… This is no time to be humble; list as many as you can.
  • Accomplishments; Have you put yourself through college, started a small business, overcome a fear, learned a second language, had your book published or art bought? Recognize your accomplishments and the energy you’ve put into your work.
  • Experiences; List the experiences that have made a major impact on your life–positive or negative.
  • Gifts; Read 1 Corinthians 12 & Romans 12:6-8. Do any of these verses describe what you think your spiritual gifts might be?
  • Once you’ve written or pondered some of these, take a break-look at what you’ve jotted down. What kind of person is emerging? How do you feel about what you see? What is God trying to showcase about Himself through you?

It might be hard to uplift yourself in the beginning, but don’t belittle yourself, you are worth more than you can imagine. You are beautiful, strong, independent, and capable of what you dream. Press on & reach for your priorities. 



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