Cultural Cinnamon Apple Crisp

My skin is driving me nuts. 

I’m putting on this “MonkeyBalm” specialty stuff my mom got me, I’ve put on Vasoline, fragrance-free lotion, put socks on, gloves on….and even after days of trying all those different things, my hands look terrible and are itchier than ever before. 

I’m drinking this detox bentonite clay in the morning to see if it’ll pull the irritation out. 

My lips are cracking and getting irritated by something too. I haven’t been eating large quantities of the same thing. My meals have been varieties of fruit, veg, seeds, homemade bread, etc…

In order to cheer up my morning, I am making homemade apple crisp for my coworkers tonight. There’s an Indian man who delivers meds to us at night and one night I was asking him about his favorite foods. He told me he would bring it on Wednesday night so I could eat it! I told him I would bring a dessert treat for him before then. 

Tonight I’m going to ask for sure, but I think that his beliefs on vegetarianism are based on reincarnation. So, if you eat meat, you could possibly be eating your ancestor. Although, if that may be his belief, I wonder why eating eggs is not okay? Eggs, unless fertilized will not produce a chick. Therefore, it would be similar to eating the dairy products of goats, cows, and sheep, which he does consume. 

Cultures interest me. 

I’m broadening my perspective and I feel it changing me…God can use this.


Apples tossed in honey, cinnamon & maple syrup
Flour, leftover crumbs at the bottom of the maple/brownsugar & chocolate mini wheat cereals, oats, brown sugar. 
cut in butter
sprinkle over top of apples
Bake 375 for 35min. 

devour your delightful creation














One thought on “Cultural Cinnamon Apple Crisp

  1. Sarah, You need to drink lots of water, sounds like you are dehydrated. Also sounds like you are detoxing through your skin which is probably a good thing. I would not use vaseline because it forms a barrier and the toxins can’t get out. My daughter, Dawn could help you more. What are your symptoms? Ithcy hands? I would stay off sugar, including juices unless you are juicing your own like my daughter does. Keep in touch re. this, O.K.? Love, June Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2013 17:19:23 +0000 To:


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