Locked Lemons

I went out to my car to get it warmed up and de-snowed. Over here Grand snow came falling down by the pound. I love the snow, but it had its chance, I’m ready for Spring…

So anyways, I put my ice-scraper back in my car and popped the trunk to make sure my ‘survival’ kit was in the back of my car, well apparently it was then, that I pressed the lock button with my elbow or something…
yes, you guessed it…car was running with the keys locked inside…

I had a moment of, “ha..this is a joke right?”
I looked in the window at all the other locks, and sure enough, none were accessible.
After a few moments of banging my door out of frustration, I ran down to the bank at the corner of my road to call my boss…

Out of breath, red-faced, I asked, “Please can I use your phone? I locked my keys in my car and its running.”

A kind woman let me into her office to use the phone to call my boss, who was understanding, and then to a lock service.

I walked back to Poppins, and decided that this situation wasn’t going to take time off my life by frustration. I chose then to change my perspective.
If I was a kid, stuck inside doing homework, all I’d want to do is be outside…


My head swam with popcorn prayers for each person coming to my mind and suddenly I realized how sincerely gorgeous it was outside. Large snowflakes were just pounding down.
They aren’t gonna be able to notice where I live…

So I drew in the snow on my windshield my house number, to catch their attention.

“That was quite ingenious, Sarah” he welcomed me with a handshake.
“Thank you, I figured I should utilize my time properly, since being frustrated doesn’t get me anywhere. Right now, you’re the only one who can do something.”
“We’ve got you taken care of, don’t worry. I’m training this man right here, so I’ll be giving instruction.”

As I watched the experienced man easily slide tools into my door, within a minute he had popped the lock.
to my surprise, he re-locked it, took the tool out, handed it to the trainee and said, “You’re turn. You’re not going to learn just by watching.”
For an instance I winced with unbelief, then thought…forget it, you’ve already called work. You’re just gonna stay later tonight to get your hours in. No big deal. He needs to learn his job. 

I took the opportunity to learn as well.
After my car had been running, burning fuel…burning money, FOR AN HOUR. I was finally on my way to work.

They were great guys and that lady at the bank was so nice…so today, before having lunch with some of my girls, I made cranberry-lemon muffins.



Once again, I tried to do a healthier alternative. So 1/8 cup of brown sugar paired up with 1/4 cup of applesauce and 1 1/2 cups of yogurt. Little lemon juice, cranberries, 2 cups of flour, bit of baking powder & soda.

I made a little bundt muffin with the leftover batter and sadly it was more…hmm…dense, thick, chewy. I think that’s the applesauce.

The little ones didn’t turn out too bad though.


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