Snowfall Education

{Click here for Part I & II}

Part III

Beginning her wintery studies, she decided to see into Anemia. So many women were deficient in Iron and as a hint of why, anemia in Greek means ‘no blood’. And not to take it literally, but to take it as women lose more blood, so we need more iron intake.

First of all, she learned that taking Vitamin C along with Iron would make for bioavailability, meaning it would be easier for the body to absorb.

Where do these vitamins come from?

After some research, she found that there are two types of iron.
“Heme” & “Nonheme”
The first is found in Clams, Tuna, Chicken, Shrimp..etc.
The other, which is less absorbable (Take Vitamin C!) is found in Oatmeal, Tofu, Pumpkin, Lentils, Beans…etc.

Pairing up those Nonhemes with Broccoli, Squash, Cantaloupe, Strawberries, Sweet potato, Red Pepper, & Acidic fruits, will assist in full bioavailability.

Eating the skin on her potatoes, (which leads to less waste) would give her both a great intake of Vitamin C & Iron.

She tried eating more potatoes that week, resulting in a rash.
Questioning why, she found that she had allergic reactions to large amounts of ‘night’ vegetables, like peppers, tomatoes, and of course, potatoes.

Thinking of the natural way that the garden would grow, she figured eating little bits of varieties of plants would be more beneficial any ways.

She would try harder this week to eat varieties during her meals, mixing a few different vegetables, rice, beans, and some various fruit for dessert.


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