Stormy Dream

As she walked on the path, a blizzarding snow came floating from the sky. Her steps continued on as her tears began to flow.

“What’s wrong with me?” she cried.

Learning what she wanted in life was probably the hardest unknown trail to be on. The path she was taking now was as beautiful as a sunset, yet it too had no sure sign of end. How was it so easy to walk mysterious Minnesota pathways and yet struggle so much with the same mysterious pathway of life?

 “Help, God…What do I need to do?”

The silence of the trees answered back.

Her head was spinning, all she wanted to do was run. Realizing maybe she should just leave, making it easier on everyone, her head drowned it possibility.

“I could leave, go to Africa for a year,” she whispered to the sky.

A man and his dog came down the trail, she kept her head down to hide the tracks of her tears.

If anyone could draw the pictures that her thoughts created, they’d have a best-seller. She began to imagine traveling with Alex Supertramp; a college graduate who destroyed his true identity and chose his new name as he pressed onward to Alaska’s wide open environment. What would happen if she just went to Africa, leaving finances and canceling all her ties to the materialistic world? Why can’t someone just live off of bread & cheese like the Europeans? What’s wrong with snail-mail and the passion of absence? We long for things we do not have, thats what makes them so wonderful, because of the work it takes to get those dreams.

So if the joy is in the journey, what train was she jumpin on?

A giant pile of snow dumped on her head as the tree waved its branches with the wind.

Her dampened hair chilled her to the bone.

How is it possible to love someone as insane as her? Somehow, he did care for her. Why was he so persistent? Why did he want to make her feel beautiful? Would she ever have him as her best friend if she left?

Maybe without notice…she could leave without telling a soul…

“What’s really the problem with you!?” she shouted at herself.

“What do you want out of this life?!”

Maybe that was the problem…she didn’t know what she wanted… she had jumped into this too fast, letting her circumstances choose her…

So many problems had occurred in her life because of this unknown passion.

“Just as the wind turns the weathervane, God uses our passions to change our lives. Isn’t that what you believe? Let Him lead you, child. Let Him in.”

Who was that speaking to her? Was it some voice she made up in her mind or was it the Spirit? Either way, she knew she was being too impossible. She needed this blizzard to hide in. As her feet turned themselves to head back to the cabin, thoughts came clearer, like the skies had. With the blizzard clearing up, she knew she’d make it back safely and it would have been if this hour hadn’t even existed. Her mind was cleared, she knew she was just being a selfish adventurer.


Her body jerked awake under the warm quilt, protecting her from the chill of the winter’s nightly blizzard.

“We don’t realize how little we can live off of, because we always have so much…” she thought to herself.

She would begin to remove ‘luxeries’ one-by-one.


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