The Magic Bean

Sonrisa had a weekend adventure in the great windy city. 

And just like I had secretly imagined, she came back with a ring.

ohhh love, you cause such a precious face upon a soul.

She was completely surprised, 

he has been planning it since Christmas. 

The ring suits her.

You know, they say a lot about the couple–the rings do.

For some, if they can afford, a precious circle of trust is personalized by the man’s imagination as he tells the jewelers what portrays her soul.

For others, the man knows that his girl likes a statement,
or he sees her wear little jewelry at all.

I like it when the guy uses his late mother’s ring, or grandmother’s, there’s so much more of a story behind it.

The simplicity as well, suits me fine.
Just like love, I feel like the ring can continuously get ‘better’ as the years blossom, why is there so much pressure to start off with a BANG?

Starting out simple, with a delicate band is no problem.

A lot of women have higher expectations for their rings, after all, that’ll be what people “ooo” & “aww” at.
But how much more special is a simple, straightforward love.

All girls are different.

Even if you’ve already been married for 10 years, maybe this pertains to you too…

What’s your woman like?


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