Sunday Melts

Baking baileys-coffee muffins with Mi Amor. 

They hopefully will turn out yummy enough & soft enough that they can melt in my sore mouth. 

Mum went home today after church. Sadness.
I’m really glad she was able to come and spend time with me. It was really great to only have to say goodbye for a bit too, since I’ll be flying to Minnesota for another five-day adventure on Thursday! 

Spending money has never really been frequent for me, I’ve always been one to save save save, and now that I’m getting older, it seems like that’s all I do anymore. So the little money that I’ve been saving by changing my lifestyle to meat-less {pescetarian} fresh fruit&veg has helped me. I make my bread, tortillas, cook with the basics & try to lead a healthier lifestyle while cutting cash. 

Most of the money I save will go into my bank account, but my splurges are now plane tickets to travel and enrich my soul.

Adventuring in the everyday

{melting old vinyl records into bowls and bookends with Mi Amor}


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