Conversational Generation

I just had a marvelous day off. 

Mi Amor’s grandparents are some of the neatest people. They are such an unusual pair, keeping things fresh and fun. Living only 20 minutes from their house, I came and assisted Mrs. T in the kitchen for a party. I met lots of people in the health care plan Mr. T works for. 

After lots of chatting, eating, a nap in the afternoon, assisting in technology & a second ‘neighbor’ party to finish off the munchies, I’m finally back to Poppins. 

I adore seasoned folk. Especially because of how much knowledge and experience they bring to the table. 

With the neighbors we ranged from talk of wine & travel to war & dogs. 

I made a few friends and got to know more about Mr & Mrs T. 

It just made me really look forward to experiencing more of life with them while Mi Amor’s under their roof. 

I also learned that I never cease to amaze people with my age. They always think I’m older & then impressed by how much I know and can bring to the table while being so young. 

{I like surprising people…I’m helping uphold the fact that not all of my generation is illiterate & un-engaging.}

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