My body doesn’t like adjusting to the transition of working first shift and second shift.

It doesn’t know whether to stay up late or get up early, making this past weekend interesting.

I started this “30 day Shred with Jillian Michaels” on November 1st; last Thursday. Friday morning I transitioned to getting up at 6a.m. for work and having sore muscles on top of that made me SO tired. I did start training in the I.V. room though! Got back home, worked out, and after an eventful day, went to bed around 10. Saturday, woke up sorer at 6a.m., went to work, tired. Came back, worked out, hung out with Rizo & then made pizza and dessert while playing games with a bunch of GREAT friends, here at Poppins. Staying up till 1a.m. put me at a 19 hour day…so I went to bed. Sunday, I woke up at 6a.m., went to work rejuvenated by coffee…then having a few cups throughout my work day helped me make it to 3:30, when I punched out and drove to Lansing straight from work. After making it into the arms of Mi Amor and friends, we hung out for an hour before the concert at The Loft.

Getting my workout in by jamming to the music, my muscles were feeling pumped.

Sleeping Giant, For Today, Texas In July, Impending Doom, & Hundredth.
Hardcore/Metal show.
Yup, I definitely did my share of stage dives!

There is NOTHING like the worship that goes on at a Christian hardcore concert. I love it.
of course, while you’re praising God, you have to keep your eyes open just in case someone runs into you or stage dives on top of you. haha!

Saying goodbye was bitter.

I love my friends & especially my best friend, but I knew I was going to see him in five days, making it a bit easier.

I drove home, made it home and fell asleep at 1a.m….making another 19 hour day…yay me! {and somehow in the midst of long days, I didn’t eat much…so that wasn’t good}

Monday, I woke up early and forced myself to stay in bed, dozing on & off, actually getting up at 9. Feeling much better, worked out and talked with Rizo a bit.

My body switched to second shift’s work schedule and my eyes began to hurt at the end of my shift.

Still keeping up my dedication to ‘shredding’ I have kept up with working out! Now, thanks to being young, I’m completely refreshed and ready for a BEAUTIFUL night after work with my roomies, Rizo & Sonrisa, because its been FOREVER since the three of us spent some quality time together.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll work out, pack up, and hit the road for home!!!!

God is SO good. In the midst of insanity, I hear my co-worker saying “YOLO!” meaning “You Only Live Once” {I adore her}

I’m definitely making the most of my days.

Oh yeah, and we have the same president…


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