Paints & Perfect Walking Weather

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The weather has been the most perfect temperature for my two days off this week.

I cannot express how wonderful I’ve been. I had a date last thursday, after working a back-to-back. Mi Amor’s grandpa took me out. I got my fancy on and we went out to an art benefit for the mental health association. I haven’t had that much fun in a while. Its funny how we can have different levels of “fun”. Sometimes quietness and relaxation is fun, other times laughing and going out. Anywho, within the various forms and hours of the day, I got to catch up with a friend who came up from south of Chicago. After a VERY short hour and a half, coffee, and pumpkin bread, I headed off for home. At this point, it was 11:30p.m. and I had gotten to bed at midnight the night before after work, and got back up again that day at 5:45 for work. SO, you figure I’d be tired right!? Wrong. I was living off adrenaline. I was SO ready to be home and embrace Mi Amor.

My weekend was filled with many memories, including dinners, games, movies, soccer tourney, baking, & pumpkin carving.

Oh and by the pictures in the slide show above, you can see a bit of a glimpse of my new hair, and some of Mi Amor’s & my artistry flying about.

Yesterday, after a very random, get-ready-in-five-minutes after making pancakes, went to chapel at Cornerstone University with Rizo.
I walked back, and knowing that it was going to be in the 70s, was definitely glad I did.

I talked to my sister-in-law for four hours while painting. {also shown in slide show}
Hearing her voice is so refreshing, my talks with her always fill up my ‘joy tank’.

Had me some “Sonrisa” time last night; Zumba, facemask, soaked our feet, & watched a movie.

I woke up this morning, headed off to my Doctor’s appointment, {I had to choose a primary care physician for my new insurance} and after being told I was doing everything right and was in beautiful shape. I drove back home, found out that I can get time off for flying to Minnesota {home} in January. Picked up an extra shift this coming Sunday. AND walked to my dentist appointment.
After being told my teeth were perfect, no cavities ever, to keep up what I’m doing, I was then told that in the next year I need to get all four wisdom teeth out. BEcAUSeeeeeeeeeee: my mouth isn’t big.
every woman wants to hear that


I adore both my dentist and doctor-both very personable and sweet.

My doctor was a Missionary Kid who grew up in Haiti. {therefore speaking French & Creole}

I walked to AutoZone to get my 5W-30 Full Synthetic to top off the oil in my car-cause it was running low.
Walked to the Dollerstore, MusterdSeed Resale shop {goes to Sarah’s House in Uganda for HIV kids}, checked out a little Indian spice shop, and then to save-a-lot to get ingredients for my brother’s bday present and Mexican night at Poppins with Sonrisa & her man!!!


I am livin’ it up!


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