Surprises & Hot Cider


Yesterday, I was surprised when my parents brought Mi Amor along on their visit. I jumped into him and even when he left, I still couldn’t believe I was able to see him…I thought it was going to be a month…

The four of us explored ArtPrize and my parents were able to see Poppins.
Its always wonderful to have my girl-time with my mom, so after the guys left to go back to the east side, my mom and I soaked our feet, sipped tea, and watched a chick-flick together.
Waking up at 4a.m. to drive to the airport was funnnnnn…
But my mom treated us to a smoothie and frappe that we split half and half. DELISH!

I went back to sleep as soon as I got back to Poppins and woke up for church. I drove to a new church, who has a really small congregation, a fabulous pastor, and needs some help on their worship team…definitely ways I can add to that church while growing and learning. Its a possibility.

I then went off to ArtPrize where I ventured by myself, exploring and tasting and being inspired.
I. Love. My. City.

It was super neat to see the pieces that I hadn’t seen before,
and ya know what…seeing art by myself allows me to think differently..I look at it in a different light somehow..I think its because I have no choice but to be with myself, and not explain my thoughts to anyone else. I just mull over them.

I saw the best pieces entered into ArtPrize today. Some of them are shown in the pictures.

I also was able to enjoy a cup of hot apple cider while listening to a saxophone player. It was phenomenal.

For the first time ever, I went to an olive oil and vinegar tasting. I never would have thought I’d like it as much as I did…it was DELISH. I almost bought some, until I found out that they switch their specials every month…and with tomorrow being the beginning of October..they are having my favorite in a three pack special.

I might splurge and support my locals…even though I practically do that as often as I can.


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