All It Takes Is A Leaf…


I went for a run today, a long one. 

Its the most beautiful fall day out.
I got back and checked the mail…
Have I ever expounded upon the fact that I LOVE snail mail? There’s something so, so, precious..personal…endearing about it! 

Knowing that somebody took a moment of time in their day to focus on you, when you weren’t around. It’s always nice to be thought of. And to be told and shown that is even better. 

I opened an envelope that had no return address, but I sure knew that hand writing. 

I hope its okay for me to share,
but I just want to bask in the marvelous love given to me.

I pulled out a familiar piece of art; a black & white photo of a sunflower taken by Mi Amor.
He wrote on the back of it and I’m pretty sure I read it 10 times before I sat back, taking a breath. I watched the wind sweep over the trees and listened to my wind-chime’s happiness.
I look once again in the envelope and pulled out a delicate colored leaf.
…ever stop and think what a miracle Autumn is?…
oh Autumn. He knows its my favorite.

Still smiling, I opened my next envelope, addressed from my dear mom.

I pulled out a cute ‘just because’ card.
Then two pictures fell out, I started crying instantly as I caught a glimpse…
My Grandpa Captain & picture when I was just born, the other June 22, 1995.
He was holding me in the first. Gazing down at this bundled little miracle of God. Babies are really quite a miracle…ever stop and think about it?

In the second I was giving him this quirky smile as he sat in “his chair”, wrapping an arm around my waist, happiness growing across his face.

:My mom wrote:
“The enclosed photos remind me that even though you might not remember Grandpa Captain very much, he sure enjoyed you!”

I can’t go one day without feeling love.
I love, love.


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