Dancing Goat

herb crust


herb and garlic over sweet potatoes


special sauce, sprouts from my trip to the farmers market after work today {pea, radish, & sunflower sprouts}
And the best cheese on the earth-Dancing Goat Pesto flavor.




Well, after a beautiful day at work, I stopped at the evening farmer’s market. I bought my sprouts, a green pepper, and Dancing Goat cheese.
I about died in the creamy, freshness of the cheese. It’s so much more decadent and better tasting! This is my favorite cheese of all time thus far. 

After a day of work yesterday, I hung out with two of my friends, Mumford & Jersey is what I shall call them. We made italian for dinner and caught up. We discovered a very cute kitchen & wine shoppe, down the street from their place. After that, we made it to Sweet Yo’s, where Rizo and her friend met us for the delicacy of Frozen Yogurt. 

Going home this weekend!!! wAhOoOooOOoOO!





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