14 miles of Scrubs

Buying scrubs is a whole new world
{Song from Aladdin breaks out}
At least price doesn’t matter, because I can get a tax write off for them, because St. Mary’s has me buy them, and they’re mandatory.
Its sorta fun to see all the various styles, but frustrating when the form of shopping you hate the most is when you HAVE to get something. 

My parents are off to Panama, I’m so envious…

I begin orientation Monday at 7:45a.m. and Tues-Fri I work at 7a.m. So, I have this weekend as my last, being a free woman! 

Talking to Rizo has been one of the most helpful things lately. We were driving back from somewhere and I got to explain how I was nervous about St. Mary’s expecting more of me, but  also treating me as a ‘lower woman’ because I’m so young. She comforted me with her elegant truth, “You don’t have habits to overcome, so training you will be easier. They also don’t expect you to know this atmosphere, because this is completely different than retail pharmacy.”
I. Love. Her.

I also got to talk about how words mean so much to me.
It’s really hard for me to be separated from Mi Amor, with the obstacles of neither of us liking to talk on the phone or Skype. {I always feel super awkward}

So, as our only form of communication, texting becomes a big part of my day. This form leads to really bad communication of feelings…they’re so easily misread.
I don’t think he realizes how much I need his words.
I can’t have him physically present, and we don’t have quality time, so what’s left? Words.

I thrive on words-its my main love language.

Overtime we will get better at communicating in this way,
but for now, I’m just a bit frustrated by how much I long for that.
I don’t necessarily WANT to focus on what I can get…I guess its just this big urge to know that I’m thought of, that I’m loved, cared about, wanted…
My parents communicate this to me so perfectly.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the life God has given me on this Grand Adventure, I have made memories that will go down in my record book.

Ok, I’ve rambled a lot.

I’m going to finish the fabulous smoothie that Rizo made and head off to St. Mary’s for a TB test. Meh.

{Oh, Rizo & I biked 14 miles yesterday}

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