Creativity With The Best

Went on a walk with Sonrisa & Rizo today!!! {I have the best roomies ever]
We are hosts tonight-we are doing lots of homemade stuff!

I will have pictures tomorrow!!

My second interview with Keystone Compounding Pharmacy went great today–it was basically a strength test and some questions. I passed with flying colors, thanks to all the prayers!!! {I called my dad right before I went into my interview and he prayed with me over the phone–I love you Daddy!!!}

The head pharmacist is definitely open to waiting for me, until I hear back from St. Mary’s within 2 weeks. Which is a huge compliment. He wants to make sure that if he can have me, he’ll get me. But, he did say “I respect you wanting St. Mary’s over Keystone, they have a lot to offer you.”

Today, I found out I’ll have a job no matter what. So now, its God’s choice whether I work at St. Mary’s or not…well, it actually has been His choice all along…but now, I know for sure that Keystone is an offered option, not just a possibility.

What really fueled me for the interview was Rizo, getting up while I was gone running, to make cinnamon pancakes for breakfast!!!! Peanut butter and maple syrup topped off with a strawberry and a glass of apple juice….I have the best roomies in the world…this is gonna be the best year yet.

I’m off to finish the decorating and fooding for the party with Rizo!!!

Yay creativity and roomies!!!


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