Church Tasting {day 1}

After my morning cereal and strawberries, I set out to a Christian Reformed church, about a mile down the road from me.
Even though our beliefs don’t line up, I thought it might be interesting to check it out.

The people were EXTREMELY nice to me. I met two women right away, recognizing my new face (small church-just like back home). They walked me up the stairs while asking questions about my move and career field.
After grabbing a bulletin, I was walked by a nice man to my seat.
I ended up sitting by an elderly man, who didn’t realize I had sat down and bumped his knee into me while talking to a friend on his other side.
He apologized and asked about me.
I told him I was just taste-testing churches,
He said “Well, you’ve come to the best one in all of Grand Rapids. I should know, I used to pastor it!”
I laughed at his charm and elderly cute-ness.

The service was similar to my home church.

The music style began with a drummer, acoustic guitar, three singers and a piano, then after a couple of songs, a blessing and greeting happened.
We sang without the drums,
and the offering was passed.
An interactive reading commenced and then the message was spoken.
And our ending was songs with the organ.

Beautiful church, friendly body of believers, and great message.

I probably won’t go back.
Beliefs are SO important in finding a church.
I do feel like with ALL the events they have going on, I could be of great service, but if I don’t have the same ‘standards’ then, we’re not a great fit.
There are plenty of other churches to taste, so I’ll be hopping for a while.

I went for an EXTREMELY long walk this afternoon…mulling over life as it has been this past week.

I found some cute shops…

Pretty flowers and great houses, and got some new porch ideas.

Wouldn’t this look fabulous in the fall with the colored leaf canopy!?



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