Matisyahu & Flor

See my beautiful flowers from the farmer’s market??
I woke up early this morning to hit the street and see what adventure I could have.
I am having Mi amor, both sets of his grandparents, and possibly four friends come over, but for certain the first five.

I saw GREAT deals on buying fresh, home-grown, local, fruit & veg. There were even people who sold pizza crusts, bread, cheese, meat, and crafts.

I had way too much fun just walking.

I was amazed by the age range too.
Some 13 year old boy was running a cherry stand, “Good morning, how are ya?”

…yes, I was fully impressed…but didn’t buy cherries.

I gotta budget my money while I have the ability to start good habits.

Anyways, I was so excited about my flowers!!

I set up the kitchen yesterday!

I can’t wait until Rizo gets back and we start baking bread and put our flours in my strawberry pots (on the right side of the counter)
{my sweet buy from four years ago or so}

Living room!

Gladioli bouquet from Sonrisa’s man, when she was having a sad day.
{how precious!}

And my new addition to my room
{my antique bargain}
the one on the right is of Northern Europe (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, a bit of Russia and Germany)
The one on the left, the Atlantic Ocean, touching North, Central, South Americas, Africa, and Europe, up to Greenland & Iceland.

Another sweet thing that happened to me yesterday was my landlord came and made a custom screen for my window and to thank him, I later walked over and gave him a dish of blueberries that my mom and I picked back home.
He invited me in and I sat and talked with him and his grandson a bit,
he’s all for my ideas about sprucing up the place with some flowers.
I tried going to a greenhouse today, but sadly, they were closed ://
I received a BEAUTIFUL tomato as our talk of gardening progressed.

Another hot day is in toll,
but with the Matisyahu concert tonight bringing friends and Mi Amor, I’m gonna have a fabulous time.


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