Mediterranean Bedsheets

Yesterday my room was completed.
I’m sure it’ll change a little, here and there, but for the most part.

Sonrisa and her man, making yummies!

Our Mediterranean style food ❤ delish!

My room from the doorway (yes, I have a door in my room, it goes to a cement porch that I use for my herbs!)

My mommy made my quilt! It’s called {trip around the world}
Fits my style perfect, don’t ya think!?

Those curtains are to my closet-it has shelves and is WONDERFUL…and somehow I have a lot of clothes and need all of the space AND my dresser..goodwill trip? yes.

I am doing kitchen stuff today–lots of washing dishes!

I’m going to another interview today, St. Mary’s again!

Apparently, another lady was told about me and wants to introduce me to ‘inpatient’ pharmacy work, to see if I’d be interested in a full-time position there!

His blessings are an ever-sprinkling downpour.


2 thoughts on “Mediterranean Bedsheets

  1. Hi Sarah : )
    Just wanted to stop by and say your place seems so nice and I am so happy for you and this exciting change in your life..I did not get a chance to get a hold of you while I was near the area, but would love to try and meet up another time. Ttys

    Jill : )


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