Wow, have I missed writing.

So much has happened, between saying “goodbye” to my parents, to enjoying a bowl of my favorite cereal.

In short, Rizo and I left at 7a.m. on Tuesday morning with a car load of my stuff and a truck-load holding our big pieces.
After getting our very own sets of keys, we began the escapade of placing things in our house.

For now, our house’s name is “Poppins” {subject to change} because we can fit so much stuff in here, even though it doesn’t look like it should hold it all. (and it still is spacious!)

I’ve half-switched banks and have had two interviews that are extremely promising.
God is good.

On my morning jogs I’m trying to use as my “God-Time” cause I just really need to focus on Him more.

I’ve come down in my relationship with Him, I feel.
I want to start focusing more, but with the whole new experience of life here in the Grand Adventure, I’m sure it’ll take a lot of work to stay on track.

My other roomie, whom I will call Sonrisa, is SO precious.
I am WAY blessed to have Rizo and her.

Went grocery shopping yesterday and got my favorite cereal, so this morning has been absolutely fabulous!

Rizo and my first meal was blueberries that my mom and I picked and almonds from the Amish store. A poor girls dinner for our first night, Tuesday.

Continue to pray that I trust God in my job opportunities. I really have a peace here though.

Another little trip that happened was the Vivant brewery where Rizo’s sister works. Sonrisa, her man, Rizo, and I went and got root beer floats (with  fromage blanc flavored gelato)

I’m going to start getting kitchen stuff put in place now!

This was our first sit-down dinner.


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