Garage Jitters

Here I sit, on this sunny Monday morning, in my garage, surrounded by shelves, a dresser, and my bed.
Weird place for a bed…

Well, this is my last full day of being ‘home’ before the Grand Adventure truly begins.
Rizo is coming over soon with her dad’s truck so we can load up the big stuff.
Tomorrow we will leave at 7a.m. and drive for three hours pushing the limits of time as we unpack and drive to her old house to pack up again, before my help is gone to an interview with a pharmacy.  

I’m getting the adrenaline jitters. I’m so ready to be out there and decorate ‘my house’ ‘my room’ ‘my garden’
It’d be a blast to have everything go smooth, but that’ll be a joke, I’m sure.
I’m prepared for some “oops” and “ugh”s as fitting things through doors and not cluttering up rooms begins.

I have a couple of plants I’m taking and some herbs.
I plan on uploading some pictures at some point, after the house is pretty much put together–so that’ll be another week.

I’m excited for
*grocery shopping* *farmers markets* *biking* *walking* *exploring* *antique stores* *goodwill* *my meals* *dehydrating fruit & veg* *new job(nervous)* *new friendships* *coupons!* *learning*
and so much more

“WOAH! How much stuff do I have!?!?”
…somehow over my 19 1/2 years I’ve acquired three car loads worth of stuff.

my word

I’m really not gonna need much but organizers

I hope


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