Excursion Surreality

Wowzah, do I have great friends, or what!?

Yesterday, Mi Amor & Rizo drove with me to be support for my interview {Which went FABULOUS} and to help move along the Grand Adventure. 

We got a car-load of my stuff into Rizo & my new house, then throughout the day we were able to hang out with friends, visit yummy, unique places, and enjoy the excursions of the day. 

My other roomie is ADORABLE. I cannot wait to be living in this house and get to know her better. It will be so fabulous to be able to style up the place in our way, but also see how she likes our style. Rizo & I already have perfectly blended styles. 

I arrived home, late last night and told my mom, “Its so weird being in the state. With this job opportunity with benefits and how great it’ll be, I feel old, but stuck in this little girl’s body who’s so nervous about ‘entering the real world’. Even though I’ve already had a job for nine months, it just feels like I’m starting with a clean slate…”

I’m really gonna have to work on my math skills–here come the flash cards!!! 
Compounding pharmacies are going to be a WHOLE different ball game, but I’m up for the challenge & learning experience. 
He wants me long term,
which is what I’m looking for too, 
not something I can just ‘fill in’ the cracks. 
I want to have a solid team.

Yesterday just went so well with everything, that its so surreal. 

I don’t think I’m really ever gonna catch up with myself…
Time is just flying by, 
but I’m TOTALLY in for the excursions of the Grand Adventure. 


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