Man, I inspire myself…good challenge!

Translucent Times

Yesterday I had a wonderfully long conversation with one of my closest friends; Chelsea Ann. In our conversation pickles came up and I mentioned how I hadn’t had a pickle in so long I couldn’t remember the last time. I woke up this morning and after coming down stairs, I poured cereal into a bowl and opened the fridge for milk, and to my surprise there was a jar in the milk’s spot. I turned it to see the label and it was Vlasic pickles. I laughed and thanked God for the simple gift.
I, of course, ate one and while doing so, wondered why God decides to give us the desires of our hearts (although I don’t know if that pickle was a ‘desire’ but I sure wanted it). For whatever reason, if any, those little things can make an entire day brighter than ever.

.Rainbow sprinkles.
Sprinkles are…

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