Zing Zip Bam

Its been a whirlwind of a July!
My brother got married to one of my best friends the end of June and for that weekend my family enjoyed each other’s company.
We had a beautiful end to June 2012.
Right away after the last of my family left on the 1st I packed up two suitcases; one for Cornerstone (week-long band fest) and the other for BayShore Camp (counseling Sr. High for a week).
I spent the first week of July sweating to death by the 100 degree dry heat.
Mi Amor and I volunteered and by doing so, met a lot of neat people…and crazy ones!
It was a blessing to see the bands whose hearts were really in it for Christ; because they all came for free on their own money. Cornerstone’s last year was 2012 so there was a tenth of the poeple there, making it harder for bands to want to come knowing that their only profit was from merchandise.
I went to some brutal concerts with Mi Amor, and our two friends.
I definitely went away having lost a couple pounds and having bruises all over. I did keep up my water intake and began another vegetarian challenge.
It was an amazing week. Memories forever!
Some bands really impacted me with their testimonies and music.
There was a theme concert put on by “Flatfoot 56” which was “Pool Party” so everybody brought their floaties and blow-up palm trees and giant whales and flippers. The stage had a playground slide which ended at the stage’s front. People would slide down and go right into a crowd surf (hardcore).
My big memories were me going into a couple circle pits at different concerts and losing my flipflops and getting my feet completely squished, sweating so much that my hair was dripping…and the creepy thing was, it wasn’t all MY sweat…yes, there were a lot of shirtless guys pushing to the front, where I stood my ground, and was forced to recieve their dripping sweat…bleh..
I discovered some new favorites,
and refreshed myself with past ones.
The week ended with a screwed up back because of the hard ground and only about five hours of sleep every night.
We drove back from Illinois where I drove myself to my house, to only be there for a couple minutes (enough to switch my pre-packed suitcase out with my stanky, rancid Cornerstone bag)
“Hello Mom!
Goodbye Dad!”
Hugs to each of them, and off I went.

Camp was insanely amazing-and a whole lot cooler in temperature.
Having been used to my sweat-filled, boiling heat index, 90 degrees with some lake breeze felt wonderful.
My co-counselor, Ashley & I were overwhelmed with joy, being together for the week. I could not have picked out a better mentor, cabin buddy, or friend that I needed more that week.
We counseled marvelous cabin 12 where a dozen freshmen and one post-senior would dwell.
I’ve never experienced more changes in my life, and visibly in others than the second week in July. God is so good, and so great, and so powerful.
He worked in so many lives, I was overcome by Him.
Ashely & I are both Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch as our love languages, so we were able to communicate and motivate each other quite naturally, without much effort.
I’ve never experience so many compliments and affirming words before in my entire life than I had at BayShore this year.
It’ll be like a drought for the rest of my life…hahaha
We challenged our campers to say/write at least two things to each other and/or other campers that week.
It began that very night after devotions.
The week changed immediately to a positive sanctuary where we encouraged others on in love.
My team for a lip-synch was fabulous and our message was to the song
“Same God” by Newsong
They portrayed it where the same God you experience here at BayShore, that love and security, can still be with you in your world at home or wherever you go from there.
We got fourth place.
It was a great encouragement despite us missing the announced top-three.
I was challenged in an abundance of ways and if I typed all of my details from the last couple weeks, you’d be sitting there at your computer for hours.
After that week, I brought my average to 6 hours of sleep a night for the past 14 days.
.yay me.
A wonderful Taco Bell run with my chica Ashley,
having our one-on-one time, resulted in a fabulous ending to a beautiful week.
I arrived home at 1a.m. send a quick good-night to my mom and slept horribly…my mind was just racing and finally being in my own bed, being able to breathe, of course, I just didn’t sleep well.
Waking up, I took my first REAL shower in two weeks (water spigots and 2 min. cold showers down count for me)
I hopped in the car with my parents and off we went to Ohio for the day.
I was able to chill with some good family friends and then we arrived home at 11p.m.
I crashed.
Sunday I was tired, but was encouraged by others at church and was able to encourage a good friend in his trials as well.
I got home, un-packed BayShore bags, cleaned my room and packed for a five-day getaway with Mi Amor.
He drove the hours with me chatting off his ear about all my events, until we reached his grandparents lake cottage, where they welcomed us with open arms.
Relaxation finally hit my spine as I unwound and inhaled deeply.


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