Chapstick & Sticky Notes

.Last day of work today.

It’s honestly insane how many people showed me such amazing love today, I’m really gonna miss all my co-workers, and my patients!!! 

My day started with a bang, unbelievable how even my Cardinal Delivery man was sad to see me go, “I’m sure you’ll settle just fine in Grand Rapids, you are such a sweet and nice young woman, your parents must be so proud.”
Various co-workers would stop by and wish me luck in all my endeavors.
Throughout the day I would be passing by a friend or patient who would hug me goodbye and say that they were sad to see me leave.

One of my co-workers said, “Why do all the sweet ones leave?”

At one point, one of my fellow pharm girls said, “Sarah, look at all the people who love you!”
I responded, “I know, I’m overwhelmed, its so bittersweet to leave…I hope I have as equally amazing co-workers in Grand Rapids.”
The other pharm girl, “Sarah, you could go anywhere and suck the sweetness out of anybody”

It was amazing working ten hours
I was able to see off everybody and give as much love as I possibly could.

My lovely pharm girl, who was the main one who trained me, made a sticky-note that she stuck to my name tag that said
“My Last Day 😦 ”

I, once again, was glad that people were as attached to me as I was to them.
It was so crazy, I unstitched my “CPHT” patch from my smock.
And return my stuff to my bosses.
Both bosses stopped by at different times in the day,
to shake my hand and thank me for my hard work.
I equally gave my appreciation,
I’ve been blessed more than I could have EVER dreamed.
My boss’ dad, who ran the company before them,
even set all his stuff down to hug me and say that he
would really miss me.
He is SUCH a precious man,
he told me that I would ALWAYS have a job there.  

SO this morning, I had my last picture in my smock…
my awkward goodbye wave to the Pharmacy.  

I definitely am looking forward to my pharmacy goodbye dinner Wednesday.
We’re going to the Brewery and just relaxing in a different environment, it’ll be unforgettable, I can feel it.

As I was leaving the parking lot,
my chap~stick ran out as well,
I’ll probably always keep that tube and my “Last Day” sticky note…

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